Founded in 1984, PEYMAN SANAT Rubber Industries Company is a leading company which has been the first one in manufacturing lots of rubber and polyurethane products in Iran and is a licensee of French company Hannecard-Kalker and Spanish company GARAY.  The company plants are located in Esfahan, second industrial pole of country.
Benefiting from team of skilled and experienced employees and modern technology, PEYMAN SANAT offers a wide range of its products and services such as: Rubber and polyurethane Roller coverings, tank, pipe and industrial part rubber linings, polyurethane parts, PIGs used in oil and gas pipe lines, design and production of various kinds of rubber compounds and laboratory services to different industrial sectors.
Throughout its history, PEYMAN SANAT has continuously improved its product technology investing on researches and utilizing innovation in order to meet market demands and assist customers to find the best solutions for their needs.
To obtain more information about ranges of our products and services, we kindly invite you to visit different sections of our website. You are always welcome to contact us if further supports are required.